Designed as an unparalleled tribute to penguin health, exhibition and study, this conservation center will embody the spirit of the Antarctic, be a haven to penguins and allow guests to interact with these dynamic creatures.

Considered one of the most significant additions to the zoo, this advanced setting will be the largest attraction housed on the zoo’s conservation campus. The conservatory features such elements as a 24-foot deep water pool and environmental amenities that exceed what currently exists in penguin exhibits. Accommodating four species of penguins, the center’s exterior is comprised of a number of physical elements that evoke a range of arctic conditions. The environment is meant to educate visitors on the effects of the earth’s climate on Antarctica.

Key sustainable facets include a super insulated exterior enclosure that reduces overall HVAC consumption, HVAC systems designed to reduce energy usage, interior lighting completely powered by photovoltaic panels, advanced water recirculation/filtration features, and exhibits with skylights which reduce the need for artificial illumination.

2017 Association of Zoos & Aquariums
2017 ESD Outstanding Achievement Award For Design & Construction
2017 ENR Pyramid Best Project Team
2017 ENR Best of the Best Overall US
2016 ENR Best of the Best, Sports/Entertainment
2016 ENR Midwest Best of the Best , Sports Entertainment
2017 Washtenaw Contractors Association Pyramid Award for Best Project Team
2016 CAM Construction Association of Michigan Crystal, Best Project of the Year
2016 AGC Build Michigan