The design is classic, minimalist and modern. All elements of the project — form, functionality, space, light and surface — coalesce creating a framework that supports Lear’s design and performance goals. On the exterior façade, the linear pattern of the three-story structure’s ethereal, glass-sheathed façade integrates with the refined rectilinear plan of the site. A solid base of European, modern, terracotta rain screen tiles — reminiscent of the client’s roots in the aerospace industry — grounds the building while a cantilevering structure and translucent glass curtain-wall conveys the physical expression of a progressive company.

Providing convenient amenities for employees, the first floor houses a reception lobby, product display area and conference center with 300-seat auditorium. The second and third floors house flexible open and private offices. The use of nimble, butt-jointed glass allows borrowed light from the exterior offices to filter into the conference rooms and common spaces. A frosted glass tread staircase facilitates movement between floors, allowing natural light to filter down from the upper-story skylight and symbolically links the CEO to employees and visitors.